What are the features sought in candidate companies?

Finberg focuses on all entrepreneurs with a tried-and-tested (at least ready-to-demo) product, which will contribute to the business with retail and SME customers.

What are the criterias taken into account when making an investment and collaboration decision?

First of all, there must be an initiative to suit the Finberg strategy and the synergy of the ecosystem. In addition, the scalability of the product, the harmony of the entrepreneurial team and their completion are considered.

How does the application process work?

  • Entrepreneurs are interviewed and matching points with Finberg business model are determined.
  • If overlapping points are found to be enough, the current presentation with the entrepreneur is reviewed and revised for the next meeting. Then a presentation is made to our general manager.
  • Pilots or POCs are conducted with enterprises that pass this stage.
  • Initiatives with successful POC outcomes are prepared to be presented to the Investment Committee.
  • Investments that are approved by the Investment Committee are invested.

What to do after an investment decision is made?

After the investment decision is made, action is taken without waiting for the completion of legal procedures. Especially if there is an opportunity for Fibabanka and group companies, cooperation is intensified by quick gathering with the relevant business units.

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